MD Message :
At CREATIVE STEEL STRUCTURE & CONSTRUCTION LTD. our key strategy is to facilitate
growth by considering technology and cost as the strong pillars of our competitiveness
with domestic and global businesses. We persistently strive to strengthen our
manufacturing capabilities by prioritizing investment in amenities and human
resources, get hands on advanced technological equipment and cost competitiveness. In
addition to this, we endeavor to expand our operations and strengthen our
manufacturing bases in the international market by ensuring the best trade practices.

The economies of countries, especially developing, are rapidly flourishing. Thus, I can
anticipate that the need for steel is going to rise to a greater extent, and the steel
industry will nurture over the coming years. At CREATIVE STEEL STRUCTURE &
CONSTRUCTION LTD. We have recognized our responsibility to manufacture premium
steel that supports the world’s overall infrastructure. Keeping in mind the safety,
environment and compliance to norms, we implement the measures to facilitate
sustainable growth. This way by fulfilling the expectations of stakeholders, Rimjhim
Ispat has established its status as the leading steelmaker with unmatched capabilities. I
look forward to your unremitting support and assistance in this regard.

We shall make significant contributions with the aim to accelerate development and to
revitalize Bangladesh’s steel industry.

Ln. Shankar Dev
Managing Director